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Betfair Poker VIP Club
Betfair Poker VIP Club

Welcome to the Betfair Poker VIP Club. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, the VIP Club is there to reward your loyalty every single month in the form of cold, hard cash.

There’s no need to opt-in – all players are part of the Club automatically, so read on for full details and hit the tables to start earning now.

How does the scheme work?
The scheme is based on Status Points, which are used to define the Level that you achieve within the VIP Club. They are calculated as follows, based on the rake you generate in cash games or the fees you pay in tournaments:

Rake In Status Points
€1 25
£1 30


What are the Betfair VIP Club levels?
The VIP Club is made up of 10 Monthly levels and 3 Elite levels (11 – 13).

Each VIP Level has its own monthly Status Point requirement to achieve that specific Level. Your Level is calculated on a daily basis. The good news is that you can move up a VIP Level at any time, but your level can only be reduced at the end of the month, or after a 3 month period in the case of Elite Levels.

VIP Level Status Points Required Calculation Period
1 0 Monthly
2 20 Monthly
3 100 Monthly
4 500 Monthly
5 1,500 Monthly
6 4,000 Monthly
7 10,000 Monthly
8 15,000 Monthly
9 20,000 Monthly
10 30,000 Monthly
11 100,000 3 Months
12 150,000 3 Months
13 300,000 3 Months


How do I benefit from my VIP Level?
Your VIP Level entitles you to a Multiplier on any Status Points your earn, which is used to determine how many VIP Poker Points (VPPs) you receive in exchange for your play at Betfair Poker. You will accumulate VPPs every time you generate rake in cash games or pay tournament fees.

VIP Level Multiplier
1 x1
2 x1
3 x1
4 x1.05
5 x1.5
6 x2.25
7 x3
8 x3.75
9 x4.05
10 x4.5
11 x5.25
12 x6
13 x7.5


How can I turn my VPPs into cash?
Your VPPs can be easily converted into cash by selecting the Cash Out option in the My Account section of Betfair Poker.

For every 375 VPPs you cash out, you will receive €1 or currency equivalent directly into your Betfair Poker wallet. A minimum of 600 VPPs applies to all Cash Out transactions.

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