Cash Games

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What are Cash Games?

Cash Games are simply games where the chips on the table represent their cash value. The blinds stay at exactly the same level, and you can re-buy at any point if you drop below a certain number of chips.

How do I start playing?

Just look for an empty seat at any of the tables available in the Cash Games lobby. You can either sit down at a completely empty table and wait for players to join you, or you can look to jump into a game with just one or two seats free and get straight into the action.

When will the game start?

Cash tables run as soon as there are two or more players active.

Are Cash Games a good place to start for beginners?

Cash Games are purely based around stake levels. A Cash Game with blinds of .01/.02c is an ideal place to start learning the basics of poker, as the most you can lose will be very small. Conversely, jumping into a game with blinds of €50/€100 is not a good idea if you are just starting out, as the standard of play at that level will be very high, and the possible losses much larger.

What is the Blind Structure?

Cash Games have set blinds which never change. Unlike tournament poker, there is no rush to accumulate chips in Cash Games, and if you go bust you can simply re-buy instead of having to start a new tournament.

What happens if I disconnect?

If you disconnect in a Cash Game you will immediately sit out. Unlike in tournaments, where your blinds will continue to be posted, in Cash Games you will sit out completely, and neither be dealt a hand nor forced to put a blind in.

What are the Cash Game Fees?

Cash Games have no direct fee like tournaments. Instead, they rely on a system called 'rake' where a small percentage of the pot is taken by the house each time. This usually ranges from between one and five percent of the pot, depending on the size of the pot. Betfair has a 'no flop no drop' policy, where no rake is taken on any pot where a flop is not seen.

What different type of Cash Games are played?

Cash Games are available at numerous limits, ranging from the micro stakes for beginners all the way to the very large for our high rollers. Cash Games are also available in a variety of formats, ranging from heads up, to six handed or nine handed, depending on the kind of game you wish to play.

When can I leave?

During Cash Games you can leave at any point. Unlike tournaments, where you are locked in until you bust or win, Cash Games enable you to leave whenever you want, which is always useful if something comes up at short notice.

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