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The tournament lobby in DL Poker client is now redesigned to improve the display of tournament details. All tournament details are gathered in one interface and the most important information is emphasized.

The tournament lobby displays the following information:

Title area displays tournament name and code.

Header area displays general information about the tournament which is updated in real time:

o Current status

o Current Prize pool

o Entries current/total

o Buy-in – all allowed methods are displayed. The info icon displays details about the allowed registration methods.

Time info area displays the following information which is updated according to the tournament’s current status:

o When the tournament starts.

o When the tournament ends.

o When late registration ends.

o For how long the tournament is running.

Action buttons area displays the following buttons:

o Register/Unregister – when clicked the player is either shown the buy-in pop-up or unregistered from the tournament, depending on his current status.

o Main lobby – when clicked, the main lobby of Poker client is displayed on top.

o Favorites – when clicked, the tournament is added to the player’s Favorites section.

Prize pool area displays:

o The tournament prize pool.

o The buy-ins, re-entries, rebuys and add-ons.

o The paid places.

o The amount of the next payout. When the next payout is a ticket or physical prize, the name is displayed.

o The amount paid to each place.

Main info area has 4 tabs which displays:

o General info about the tournament.

o Game related info.

o Structure info, such as levels, level duration, blinds, breaks.

o Statistics about stacks, remaining players and others.

The default tab is either General or Stats, depending on the current status of the tournament:

o General, when tournament status is Upcoming, Registering, Gathering, Cancelled or Late Registration. LR case is valid only when the player is NOT registered.

o Statistics, when tournament status is Running,

Finished, Late registration (only when the player is registered) or Interrupted.

Players area displays the following information which is updated in real time:

o The number of remaining players out of the total entries.

o A list of all registered players with their respective rank, nickname and chip stack.

Satellites and Tables area displays the following information which is updated in real time :

o Satellites - a list of all satellites that give seat or token to the main tournament and are open for registration.

o Tables - a list with all active tables.

Poker Table

The top left buttons on the poker table in DL Poker client now display the following navigation icons:

Cash table

o Join similar

o Options

o Missions

o Add Chips

Tournament Table

o Tournament lobby

o Options

o Missions

o Rebuy


The columns of the tournament list table are explained below:

Game type The game played in the tournament.
Buy in The prize fund of the tournament is comprised of the total buy in collected from registered players. The fee is collected by the poker provider for hosting the tournament.
Start time For scheduled tournaments, the start time of the tournament.
Max players The maximum number of players allowed in the tournament.
Registered The number of players registered to the tournament.
Status The tournament status, including the number of players still needed (where appropriate).

After clicking on a tournament you'll be able to see the tournament window, where additional information will be displayed.

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